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Start building a website, blog or online store in the cloud . . Each server is optimized for speed and limited to how many clients can operate on each server

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WordPress Hosting

web hosting offering excellent performance. Its server-optimized cache technology makes it suitable for applications such as WordPress

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WooCommerce hosting

Fast, WordPress platform with optimized database . Automatic updates make running your WooCommerce site even easier . 20X faster NVMe storage

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Smart Cloud Hosting

Shetabweb Cloud provides high availability and uptime for your websites, apps and emails by using a fully distributed and redundant architecture.

Data is replicated to multiple servers in the cloud. In the event of a hardware failure, your websites and applications will come back online on a new server automatically.


LiteSpeed Web Server

Accelerate content and application delivery by hosting your websites and apps on Shetabweb Cloud. Our cloud web hosting plans include LiteSpeed Enterprise, a secure and high-speed web server that can serve content faster than Apache and Nginx.

Improve static and dynamic content performance and reduce page load time by using LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress and many more applications.

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Looking for an easy place to register your domain? Shetabweb has got you covered! Looking for a secure and flexible domain registration? You got it! Looking for the best domain name registration support? You'll get that as well from Shetabweb!

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